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How do I earn Eurostar Plus Points?

You will earn 1 point for every Pound/Euro spent on booking your Eurostar ticket. You will earn up to a maximum of 750 points for friends and family and 1500 points in total for a three month period. Providing you book on and quote your membership number.

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Points for future journeys will be shown as pending points until the date of travel has passed.

Is there a limit to how many points I can earn?
Points for Eurostar Plus Points members are capped at 1,500 per 3 month period from all sources, including your own travel as well as that of your friends and family.

You can earn up to 750 points from friends and family per 3 month period simply by asking your friends and family to quote your Eurostar Plus Points membership number when they book travel on  Your quota is based on your travel date. If you exceed your points quota your journey will show with 0 points.

Will my points roll over to the next quarter?
No, points and will not roll over to the next earning period.

How can I make sure my friends and family's travel is added to my account?
They just need to add the membership number next to each traveller when booking on

Can I earn points when I exchange or upgrade my booking?
Yes any changes or upgrades made online will be subject to additional points.

How many points do I earn for my booking?
It's simple: If you spend 1 Pound/Euro, you get 1 point.

Can I add points to a Plus Points account and a Frequent traveller account on the same booking?
Yes, providing the correct membership number is correctly entered next to each traveller on the booking on

Do I earn points when I pay with an e-voucher?
Yes, points will be added on the basis of ticket price less the value of e-voucher.

Can I claim points for tickets booked via compensation?
Only journeys booked on can earn points. Since compensation tickets cannot be booked online they will not be valid for points.

I've been credited with the wrong number of points.
You earn one point for every Euro/Pound spent. In the event of any discrepancy please Contact us.

Can I claim points from journeys made prior to joining the scheme?
No, only journeys booked following enrolment can be credited to Eurostar Plus Points accounts.

Can I earn points when booking from other sources outside of 
Points can only be credited when booking on

Why are my friends points still showing as pending when they have already travelled?
Points gained from friends and family will remain pending until the member travels on a paid Eurostar journey.

Do I need to log-in to my account for points to be credited?
No just enter your membership number at the time of booking. 

Can I use my membership number from the first booking?
Yes, your membership number can be used from the moment of registration.

Do I earn points for Eurostar journeys involving connecting travel?
You always earn points on Eurostar but only on some of the connecting services.
Points can be earned as follows:

  • Eurostar + TGV - points based on the total ticket price
  • Eurostar + Thalys/Deutschebahn - points based on the the price of the Eurostar ticket only
  • Eurostar + UK domestic journey - points based on the price of the Eurostar ticket only.

Do I earn points for the credit-card surcharge?
No, points cannot be earned on the additional cost incurred when using a credit card.

How can I tell how many points I have?
Just log into your Eurostar Plus Points account online.

Can I transfer points from Eurostar frequent traveller to Eurostar Plus Points or vice-versa?
No, points cannot be transferred between our two loyalty programmes: 

Can I transfer points from one Eurostar Plus Points account to another?
No, Points cannot be transferred between accounts or combined in any way.

Can I earn points for journeys booked on the Expedia, SNCF or SNCB sites?
No, you will only earn points for journeys booked via

Can I claim points for journeys booked outside of if the website wasn't available at the time?
No, Points can only be earned for journeys booked on and cannot be claimed retrospectively.

Can I get half points when booking a ticket?
No, you will only get full points, we always round up or down to the nearest full Pound or Euro. 

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